Mama Keiki Stacy Weigle
AKA Domina DeManda


Male Recipient of the Year


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Daddy Loyd Powell                                                            


Thomas Smith


By nature, I am a Female Dominant, Sadist, Kinkster, Rope Arts/Bondage Enthusiast, and Fetishist.  Initially introduced to swinging in 1970 and then to a small segment of the vast world of alternative lifestyles back in 1981, I was introduced to SM back in 1984 in San Francisco. My “tour guide” was a delightful and gorgeous gay leatherman who was also my roommate and coworker in Silicon Valley. Come to find out, much to both Michael and my own surprise, my parents had been active in the very underground world of SM from the early 1950’s. So, like my parents before me, kink is a part of my DNA and it seems the apple did not fall far from the tree :)

With those “roots”, it is no wonder that I followed my path and am honored to be the life partner, as well as wife, slave, property, wench and masochist only to ShamanAKADaddyJeff (yeppers, I'm a Switch). Together, we Co-Head the House Of Shaman and have been blessed with a wonderful family, extended family, and dear friends whom we cherish. In following my passions, I founded the Lifestyle Alternatives Artisans Centre, Guild, & Gallery in Palm Beach County, Florida (LAAC/LAC), launched in 2004 as a nonprofit educational and social membership organization, with its own facility. LAAC evolved from an educational online and event production resource known as BDSM-Village, which I had originally launched in 1997.

The variety of weekly activities and events scheduled at LAAC provided a secure and welcoming environment with access to healthy and beneficial education and resources for adult alternative lifestyles choices, including leather history, leather culture, SM/BDSM, fetishes, kinks, dynamic power exchange relationships (D/s, M/s, T/b), non-monogamy, polyamory and fetish arts/photography. Because of the devoted membership of LAAC, it manifested into a success story that was a benefit to its many thousands of members and guests, as well as supporting groups and organizations from various communities.

With the contribution of the membership, supporting guests and guest presenters, LAAC was able to consistently meet its mission over the years to provide a warm and welcoming kinky home away from home to learn, share and grow for the thousands of folks that entered over the years. Due to my health challenges, with the support of its membership, I closed LAAC at the end of May 2012. I remain active in my alternative lifestyle choices because I consider myself a lifetime student, proud of my passions and roots, as well as knowledge and experiences gained.

I'm thankful for the many groups, organizations and events to choose from that allow and support me to continue my magnificent journey of discovery, growth and sharing. I'm both honored and humbled to have been nominated and selected as the innaugural recipient of The Leathertarian Award as Woman of the Year.

I proudly accept and dedicate this wonderful award in honor and appreciation of all the members and supporters of LAAC, as well as Daddy Jim for who he is, how he lives, what he does and how he gives…  I believe that Daddy Jim’s intention for The Leathertarian Award has laid the solid foundation for a legacy of purity in recognizing WIITWD and love. Being so pure, this award will always support people paying it (whatever it is for them in leather/fetish) forward by sharing what they know, can do and will give to the benefit of others - through their own form of outreach efforts, whether seen or unseen.

This one is for all of you!

Mama Keiki Stact Weigle AKA Domina DeManda

Sandy Mama Reinhardt’s Hula Girl